auto-pilot UAV

Autopilot is a system for controlling the UAV during flight and all matters related to flight. This system has the ability to control in semi-automatic take-off, automatic flight operation and semi-automatic landing. A data link with a range of 10 km is used to communicate with the ground control station. This system has the ability to simultaneously send video images and receive commands from the control station.

The system sensors consist of three gyroscope sensors and three accelerometer sensors in the three main axes of the plane to estimate the position of the plane, three magnetic compass sensors to estimate the direction of the plane, speedometer sensor (static and static) to calculate the speed of the plane and pressure altimeter sensor.

The ground station software (Virtual Cockpit) creates easy use for the pilot during missions. Using this Virtual Cockpit, the pilot can easily enter different flight modes and send commands to change altitude, speed direction or way points. In addition, the pilot can come in the control loop (Pilot-in-the-loop) and change flight modes.

The avionics system is divided into two parts: aircraft parts and ground control station parts. The avionics of the aircraft consists of the following parts:


  • Sensors & GPS
  • Data Link
  • Video Link
  • Servo