Why do you trust us?

Because trust in all aspects is gained with time and experience

Because many years of negotiation experience and acquaintance with different cultures of the world is the capital of our company’s managers

Because we’ve understood by experience that Iranian quality goods have their own markets and by identifying suitable markets, it is possible to export them

Because we have learned by experience to be familiar with the rules of the customer market

Because we have learned by experience that knowing the culture of different people and getting to know the rules of business in different countries is the key to lasting success in the target markets

And in this long way of gaining experience of thirty years, we are proud to say that we are trusted by many traders and merchants in the market of the target countries

We invite YOU to trust us



Relying on the ability of designers, this company has designed and produced the following products…


Centralized management, professional expert and experienced forces, strong communication,  using…


The belief of this issue in Nasim Fadak Iranian company group is that the export is driving motor …

Technichal Engineering Services

The close cooperation of this company with prestigious universities of the country…

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