Drilling Machine Control System

Atlas copco drilling machine is made in Sweden. The said drilling machine is used for vertical drilling. Using a circular cross-section, this device is able to dig in the earth’s soil and stone layers. This type of machinery has the ability to make holes in any type of ground, from hard rock to sand. The diameter of the wells created by this device is in the range of one meter to about 2 meters.

These drilling devices are used as an alternative to the methods of drilling and blasting rocks and digging the ground by hand.

This device includes the following parts:

  • Engines and main drill
  • Hydraulics and all protective sensors and solenoid valves
  • Control system

The problem that arose for this device was the burning of one of the control boards, which caused the failure of the entire control system, and due to the embargo, it was not possible to replace and restart it, which was solved by the designers of Nasim Fadak Iranian Company.

This system was working to drill a 500-meter well next to the Azad Dam in Sanandaj, which was completely grounded due to this failure.

In this project, it was tried to be placed exactly in place of the main control boards of the designed PLCs, and the wires and sockets of the system itself were used, and no changes were made in the original cabling and mechanism, and the designed monitoring was tried to be completely similar to the original monitoring, that there is no need to retrain operators.