Portable Remote Control suitcase

Considering remote control in military systems, manpower security, mobile systems and rapid movement of combat forces, the use of control suitcase is very evident, usually these control bags are considered as a box for a system and include a monitor, Joystick and hardware keys and input and output ports that perform the following tasks:

The data inputs of the control suitcase are two-pair RS422 with ground, which establishes secure two-way communication within a range of 200 meters. The data rate is 115200 b/s.

1- applying commands to the system

2- Transmission of orders from the central control unit

3- Manually applying the position of the side and height

5- Performing the alignment process

6- Performing all system tests

7- Ability to see errors

8- Ability to see whether the system is ON or OFF

9- Ability to view the amount of current consumption and input voltage of the set

10- It has a system for displaying information and parameters of different sections with the     ability to display various errors

11- It has a control pad for operating different parts of the system and displaying information

12- Ability to communicate with position announcement systems

13- The possibility of alignment with the camera

14- The possibility of alignment with the north finder

15- Performing internal tests for correct system operation