About us


Nasim Fadak Iranian Company has started its activity in 2013 by inviting some prominent university professors and successful managers in the field of business with the aim of developing the export of high-quality Iranian goods and cooperating with technological and knowledge-based companies.

Company goals:

  • Expanding the export of products of knowledge-based companies
  • Design and production of parts and modules required by these companies
  • Quality supply at a very competitive price in the least possible time by taking advantage of high experience

The board of directors of the company consists of three people including:

  • One of the prominent professors of Sharif University of Technology in the field of telecommunications.
  • A doctorate in medical engineering and bioelectronics engineering with at least 30 years of operational and research experience in large public and private companies.
  • An expert with 30 years of export and import experience in large public and private companies.

Also benefit from:

  • Capable people in the field of management with experience as CEO in large public and private companies.
  • Financial specialist with 30 years of executive experience in the position of financial vice president of large state-owned companies.

It has created a very good potential to carry out large commercial, research and technical projects.

The company’s capabilities in the technical field:

  • Modernization of old production factories
  • Factory automation
  • Repairs of aircraft devices

The capabilities of the company in the field of research:

  • Design and construction of telecommunication and radar systems
  • Design and manufacture of avionics systems
  • Designing software for aerial applications
  • Design and manufacture of air and marine navigation systems

Construction and production engineering contract management:

According to the executive and managerial experience at the level of industrial and academic affairs in this company, within the framework of the agreement with investors and respected employers, Nasim Fadak is ready to perform the specific tasks they want, including the following:

  • Development of product design and manufacturing and transfer of experiences
  • Implementation of technical operations to produce products and increase the production rate while maintaining the desired quality
  • Improving production lines and reducing the cost of producing products
  • Financial management of the organization/company (such as accounting, etc.)
  • Recovery, sales and export management

The close cooperation of this company with the prestigious universities of the country such as Shiraz Sharif University of Technology, University of Engineering and Technology, Malik Ashtar University has also made it possible to repair, optimize and modernize control and avionics systems through the ability of many knowledge-based companies. Optimizing old factory DCS control systems to new PLC systems Localization of airplane, train and car control systems (ECU, TCMS) Repair and optimization of avionic systems such as FDR, CVR, AHRS, GPS/INS and autopilot Optimization of medical imaging equipment such as MRI, CT scan are some of our activities