Electric servo-mechanism with servo-lens for 24m mast

The range of the rotating platform system is 360 degrees and at a height of -5 to +55 degrees with a maximum weight of one ton. This rotation is done at 30 and 16 round per minute by 1KW motors on the side and 300W on the height.

This is in the case that the gearbox is selected in such a way that when the engine rotates at its rated speed, the rotation speed at the output of the gearbox becomes 30 and 16 rpm.

This project includes the hardware that is placed inside the platform, which includes:

  • Azimuth engine
  • Altitude engine
  • gearboxes
  • Driver side
  • Height driver
  • Azimuth encoder shaft
  • Alititude encoder shaft
  • PLC and peripherals
  • Microswitches