Not every product is suitable for export, not every price is competitive for export, not every market is the target for export.

  • What features should the export product have?
  • How is the export price calculated?
  • Which market is the export market?

In the group of Nasim Fadak Iranian Company, the belief that export will be the driving engine of the economy and the foundation of countless job opportunities has led this group to focus its activities around export. For this purpose, experienced and professional managers have tried in this matter, invite the exporters to cooperate and use their experiences.

Our international close relations has created a wide network of communication with the target markets so that today, despite being young, this company is presented in the countries of East Africa, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Croatia, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates, England, South Korea, China, Turkey, Armenia, Algeria, Russia and Ukraine, etc.

In the field of business consulting, this company will help you in choosing the right product to present in the right market with the right and competitive price according to the available experiences.