Table with three degrees of freedom

Three axis motion simulator (gyroscope tester device). Three degrees of freedom simulator are used to simulate the rotational movement around the coordinate axes.

These simulators are used to test and calibrate all types of gyroscopes used in navigation systems, sensors, etc.

The rotation in Roll, Pitch and Yaw directions is performed with high precision. For the continuous rotation of the axes, three numbers of slip rings are used.

General specifications of the device:

  • Three-axis degrees of freedom

  • Sine-triangular-tooth-square wave type

  • Maximum loading frequency of 20 GH

  • Maximum overhead weight of 10 TON

  • Table dimensions 1500 X 1800 mm

  • Range of motion in +/-100mm axis

  • Movement range in axis +/-50mm

  • Maximum acceleration of 2.5g

  • Maximum speed 0.2m/s

  • Applying the load of the first axis by a hydraulic jack in the X direction, applying the load of the second axis (y) by two hydraulic jacks with a frequency of 20 Hz

  • Applying dynamic torsional load

  • Equipped with hydraulic unit and servo valve for precise and quick control of table movement

  • Using the most accurate hardware tools for precise application and precise control of the movement of the vibration table in the desired directions

  • Equipped with a cooling system installed on the power pack

  • To control the temperature in long-term tests to create favorable conditions

  • It has powerful control software with DSP technology and high frequency response

  • Lab view user environment for controlling and applying periodic loads with specified amplitude and frequency and sine, square, triangular waveforms and recording the results in real time and communicating with the computer through the Ethement LAN port

  • The ability to install PID control parameters of the close loop control system in all three modes of power, location control