DME Indicator

IR-IND-41 DME Indicator contains the distance, minutes and knots display for a DME system. The IR-IND-41 also includes elapsed time measurement


IR-IND-40/41 DME Indicator provides the pilot a display of distance, time-to-station (TTS), or ground speed to/from a preselected ground station. The distance information is displayed in nautical miles, time-to-station (TTS) in minutes, and ground speed in knots. Time-to-station and aircraft ground speed indications are accurate only if the air­craft is flying directly to/from the ground station and at a sufficient distance so that the slant range and the ground range are nearly equal. The IR-IND-41 also provides a digital elapsed timer function which dis­plays minutes and seconds

The TEST button on the IR-IND-40/41 provides a self-test control for the DME system which includes a lamp test for the indicator display